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The Case of the Power of Coffee

By Oh, Hello Branding Group on May, 27 2019
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    The last quarter of 2018 was near and our client, who sells B2B, had a list. You know the list, the “they said no but we still want them as customers” list. When traditional cold calling, email blasting and door knocking, didn’t work, we did.  At Oh, Hello Promotions we love this list, because it is where we can help our customers turn that list into their closed business

    Now when you think promotional product company you might think of some DIY list of product sites (Vistaprint, 4imprint) or a chain outfit (Proforma). They are great at getting you what you want, but is that what you really need? Is another pen at a tradeshow going to help you drive $2.4 million new business in the last quarter of the year?

    That is why the clients who work with Oh, Hello get the results they have, we give you what you need. We use the Oh, Hello Proven Process to understand the pain points you solve for you clients. Then we learn about who your clients are, where they are, how they make buying decisions and what is important to them. We then craft you a specialized promotion with multiple options depending on who the clients are that use our PAST+ method.

    The PAST+ method is what gets results. It identifies seven key areas that a customer must understand before they will decide to purchase or change service. We applied our secret weapon and helped create a promotion that empowered our client’s sales team to take their list - yes that one - and not only got a yes, but an overwhelming yes.

    If we were the other guys this is how it would have looked. We would like to order some tumblers for our salespeople to leave behind after a meeting.

    Here is what we did.

    First, we start with a measurable target. The client said we know if we could get a sit-down meeting with these prospects, we know our amazing sales team could close the deal. That was all we needed to know and got to work.

    We sent everyone on the list a nice tumbler, along with some information that said thank you so much for considering our services. We understand that you work hard, and nothing helps you work hard as much as coffee. Please enjoy this tumbler to help you keep working hard. If you want to share the power of coffee with your team, we have the answer. If you meet with us in person, we will send your office a new Keurig as a thanks for just meeting with us. No strings attached.

    Then one by one that “list” began to start setting up meetings and their salespeople were able to show the customer how they can help solve the other problems they were having and soon that list became the 2.4 Million of closed business. From the list of 250 who already said no once, 62 set appointments.

    The best part for our client? They didn’t have to pay an expensive agency or a dime on design, they only paid for the products. That is the Oh, Hello difference, we are your partner from concept to execution without needing to spend a fortune on a one-time promotion.

    What would happen if your company finally met with everyone on your list? How much new business could Oh, Hello help you get? Request a free consultation to start planning how to love YOUR list.

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