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The Case of the Spectacular Subscription Box

By Oh, Hello Branding Group on September, 3 2019
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    By now, you have probably heard of at least one subscription box service. From popular boxes like FabFitFun, which offer a variety of different lifestyle products, to Ipsy and Blue Apron, which are more specific in scope, there seems to be a box out there for just about any interest and need consumers might have. And according to Forbes contributor Greg Petro in his article Why Subscription Boxes are Here to Stay, subscription boxes will continue to increase in popularity because they solve some of consumer’s biggest issues and overall simplify the shopping experience.

    “Subscription boxes are the perfect solution to indecisiveness and regret as they curate products according to a customer’s personal preferences, simplifying the process, and letting personalization become the center of the retailer-customer relationship in a way that encourages extreme loyalty,” Petro writes.

    So how can your business break into this market and establish that your subscription box is the must-have product for consumers?

    “Most subscription boxes are chosen especially for that specific person based on particular needs and preferences. They’re receiving custom-picked items based on their personal preferences, offering convenience while introducing customers to new brands and trends,” Petro writes.

    Let’s break this down using the Oh, Hello Co. Subscription Box as an example.




    Consider your audience. What demographics, or groups, are currently purchasing your products? In the case of Oh, Hello Co., our audiences tend to fall into a few different groups: college-aged students, stay-at-home moms looking to balance their hectic lives, and millennial planners that tend to be female. With those groups in mind, we have been able to curate boxes and choose products that focus on themes that might fit our demographics’ interests as well as our company’s!

    Consider your products and the value they bring customers. What products do you have to offer that set your apart from the other subscription boxes out there? What helps us at Oh, Hello Co. is our dedication to including not just our stellar stationery supplies in our boxes, but also lifestyle goodies that our consumers are sure to love. 

    For example, in our February 2019 “Be the Best You” Box, our customers received both a journal and a mini spa kit amongst other items in their box. This not only introduced our customers to our stationery products, but also returned value to the client in multiple ways.

    Consider your message. What do you want your subscription box to say about your company and your values? What do you want your subscription box to say about your clients and their needs? 

    Making sure that your company’s subscription box aligns with what your company, and in turn your customers, stands for is essential for a successful box. For example, our March 2019 “Save the Oceans” box focused on what we can do to do our part for the environment. This box not only aligned with a lot of contemporary consumers who are more eco-conscious, but also let us share our support as well.

    Once you have examined these three areas, you are well on your way to starting and launching your very own subscription box!

    Have some ideas you want to share or any questions? Let’s chat in the comments below!




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