9 Ways to Gather Customer Feedback

By Alex Benda on August, 2 2021
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    Alex Benda

    The best way to discover what your employees are thinking is to collect feedback directly from them. Understanding the thoughts and feelings of your customers will not only help improve the product or service, but you can better tailor your marketing to them as well. Here are nine ways to get more customer feedback.

    Post a survey link on social media

    How many hours a day are you on your phone? The amount of time customers spend perusing social media makes it a great place to reach out to them. Post a survey link on Facebook, in a tweet, or in your Instagram bio to increase the visibility of it. Surveys are one of the best ways to get reliable feedback from your customers.

    Run social media contests

    If you’re having trouble getting a high engagement rate by simply posting a survey link, consider doing a social media contest. In order to enter the contest, followers have to fill out the survey. You’d be surprised by how many people will want to participate if there’s an opportunity to win something free.

    Use Instagram stories to collect feedback

    Instagram stories are a fantastic tool to get engagement. This is a good way to get simple feedback, but keep in mind that there isn’t a way to export this information or easily record it. You can ask a question in a story to get feedback or conduct poll, just be sure to record this information in some way or screenshot the results.

    Monitor social media channels

    Social media monitoring can be just as important as posting. Engage with your audience, send direct messages, and respond to comments to see how people really feel about your company. Additionally, search your company up on Twitter to see what people are saying and monitor any hashtags or trends that may influence your company.

    Offer a reward

    Customers are so much more likely to send feedback after a negative experience than they are to provide positive feedback. To encourage feedback from all customers, offer incentives for their input. Whether it’s free shipping, discounts, samples, or gift cards – it shows you value what they think.

    Request feedback on the order confirmation page

    Right after a customer places an order is a perfect time to get feedback. Ask questions about navigating the website, finding products, and if there were any difficulties on the thank you page confirming their order.

    Create an online community

    Depending on your business, you can create a forum or community on your website or social media that can generate a lot of feedback. For example, if you have a cookware business you can create a community where customers share recipes. By having a forum, it not only strengthens your relationships with customers but also generates feedback and ideas. Keep in mind that you’ll need a moderator to respond to feedback, post and update regularly, and start and moderate discussions.


    Request feedback when a cart is abandoned

    You can install a popup asking a customer why they did not proceed to checkout. To make it even easier for potential customers to respond, create a multiple-choice list with reasons for cart abandonment. For example, the price is too high, or I found a better option elsewhere.


    Send email surveys to new customers

    Within 3-5 days of order confirmation, reach out to new customers to learn more about them. Questions to ask can include:

    • How did you choose our site to make a purchase? (Price, availability, shipping, return policy, search results, etc.)
    • How did you find our business? (Search engine, referral, social media, etc.)
    • What was your overall user experience? (Ease of navigation, customer service experience, delivery time, etc.)


    Customer feedback is incredibly important. Every business should always be trying to improve their product, service, and customer experience. Getting feedback from customers will eventually lead to more business. Need help implementing any of the above ideas? Contact Oh Hello Branding Group and we can help!

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