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How to Create Buyer Personas (+Free Ebook)

By Oh, Hello Branding Group on June, 29 2020
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Who are your customers?

Although you may have a broad target audience, creating buyer personas are essential for businesses so you can segment your target audience. Segmentation helps you deliver the right content to the right audience, which generates higher engagement and more leads.

What are buyer personas?

Buyer personas are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers. These personas should be research based. Buyer personas should include background information, demographics, identifiers, goals, etc. Buyer personas will help you understand your customers and what their needs are. 

How can you use buyer personas?

Buyer personas will help you personalize your marketing to different segments of your target audience. By segmenting the market, you can tailor your messaging to these specific groups. Combining your buyer personas with the lifecycle stage will allow you to plan and create highly targeted content. 

How do you create buyer personas?

To create buyer personas, you first need to do some research. To gather information you can conduct interviews, create forms, and analyze your contact database. We have created a customizable ebook that includes templates so you can create your own buyer personas. 

This ebook includes tips and tricks for:

  • Asking the right questions during your persona interviews and surveys
  • Formatting your persona research in a compelling way
  • Presenting your new, finalized buyer personas to your company
  • Using your buyer personas for segmentation, content mapping, and lead nurturing

You can download the How to Create Buyer Persona ebook here:

Download Buyer Persona Ebook


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