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Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses Without A Marketing Budget

By Oh, Hello Branding Group on May, 29 2020
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    It’s no secret that marketing is essential for small businesses to get the word out about their company - however, most are not equipped with million dollar marketing budgets. Because of this constraint, small business owners must think outside of the box when it comes to effective marketing strategies. It won’t be easy, but remember, marketing doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. We’ve outlined the best 3 FREE ways to market small businesses and drive organic growth.

    1. Leverage Your Local Network

    The Elevator Pitch.

    Okay, you know you’ve got a great business, now it’s time to brag about it! Come up with a 30 second elevator pitch that you can have ready to go anytime you see an opportunity. This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of marketing, but that’s the beauty of small businesses - there’s a multitude of ways to do marketing - you just have to be creative! 

    Community Outreach.

    Get involved in your community. Depending on what industry you are in, Facebook groups may be extremely active and effective, or may not have a lot of users. Do some research about what types of groups are active in your community (Facebook groups, business associations, local conferences, etc.) and get involved! It’s a great way to gain exposure and potentially create partnerships with other industry professionals.

    Speak At Events.

    Get the word out! Find local conferences, businesses, even college speaker series, and pitch yourself! You'll gain mass exposure for your business and may even inspire others along the way.

    2. Create An Unstoppable Online Presence

    Optimize Your Website.

    Your website is likely the customers' first impression of your online presence, so it needs to be amazing! Not only should it be visually pleasing to the eye, it needs to be optimized for the best experience on desktop, mobile, and tablet users. HubSpot's Free Website Grader is a great tool to help you accomplish this. Check it out here.

    Utilize Social Media.

    Social media is an extremely powerful tool for small businesses. According to HubSpot, 84% of marketers generated increased traffic just by dedicating 6 hours of effort spent on social media per week. Not only is social media extremely effective, but it is a very accessible tool to market businesses, regardless of the size of the company.

    Google My Business.

    Google My Business is one of the most important aspects of an online presence, and unfortunately it is often overlooked. Imagine this: you run a small local ice cream shop. A potential customer is craving ice cream, and wants to support a local business. Amazing! They do the first thing that everyone does - they Google it. Your business pops up, right next to a competitor's ice cream shop. They see your Google My Business Profile, and it’s not claimed, there are no reviews, and there's only 1 picture. Your competitor's Business Profile is completely optimized, with 20+ reviews, 10 pictures, and working links to their website and social pages. If you were the customer in this situation, which business would seem more credible to you? Google My Business is essential to small business owners, and the value it brings is priceless.


    3. Use Freebies To Your Advantage


    Coupons can be a great tool for exposure, especially for small businesses. It can be an easy way to not only get people in the door, but keep them coming back. People are more likely to take action and go out of their way to try a new place if they have a small discount code or coupon. Then once they know how great your product or service is, they'll tell their friends and family, and the free word of mouth marketing takes off.

    Free Consultations and Free Trials.

    Depending on what type of business you have, you should also consider offering free consultations or free trials. People are quick to decline when they feel trapped in a sales pitch, so by offering a free trial you are offering your business with no strings attached. 


    Again, depending on the type of business you have, webinars may be a good fit to get some free promotion. Do some research into your online community and see if there’s any groups doing any virtual summit events, or if you have a big enough following already, host one on your own. This is another chance at sharing your passion and expertise for your business and getting the word out!

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