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Your Starter Kit for a Grand Opening

By Oh, Hello Branding Group on November, 4 2019
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    Oh, Hello Branding Group

    Grand openings are exciting occasions for business owners, usually representing a time of growth and new beginnings for their trade. But they can also mean a lot of planning and figuring out promotional needs to ensure your grand opening goes off without a hitch.

    Never fear! We’re here to give you a run-down of what you need to ensure you have the best grand opening ever. 

    Determine Your Needs 

    Set a meeting with you and your staff. Take some time to discuss your goals for the grand opening. Do you want to bring foot traffic into your new space? Find new clients? Bring awareness to your brand? The goal of your event can shift the way you promote it, and will determine the types of promotional items you bring into the space to support these goals. 

    If you’re looking to bring in customers, you may want to invest in eye-popping signage. But if your goals are more centered on getting your brand out into the world, it’s time to buy some super cool swag. 

    Gather Your Materials 

    So you’ve made your plan, now it’s time to execute. Brainstorm a list of products you need before your grand opening date arrives. Here’s just a few suggestions of some essentials:

    • Business Cards
    • Postcards
    • Brochures
    • Swag (T-Shirts, Hats, Pens, etc.)
    • Banners and Signage that promote your brand
    • Window clings
    • Stickers 

    It’s a big list, but trust us, it’s worth it! Having the right promotional products on hand when you are introducing a new business or space can be huge to making yourself memorable. 

    Day-Of Marketing 

    The big day is here! You’ve made a plan for the day and gathered all of your materials, but you’re not done yet! Capitalize on your grand opening by getting photos and video of the event. Share these with your customers and clients by posting on your social media and send it out via email. The more your network knows about this big next step in your business, the better. 

    Think you might need some help with plotting your grand opening? Contact us! We’ve got the knowledge and resources to need for your big day is everything you want it to be.


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