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32 Enviable Inbound Marketing Examples

By Oh, Hello Branding Group on July, 27 2020
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    Oh, Hello Branding Group

    Can't come up with any new creative ideas for your next marketing campaign? Sometimes you just need a little inspiration.

    Take a look at these examples from some of the most popular brands and see if it sparks an idea for your company. 

    1. L.L. Bean 

    L.L. Bean was founded in 1912 so their challenge is ensuring that they keep their product marketing fresh. Instead of posting repetitive pictures of only their products, they post beautiful outdoor scenery pictures on their social media accounts. Whether it is crackling campfire or sunrise hike, posting pictures of their ideal customers aspirations is a way they value their customers over their products. 

    2. REI

    REI was able to turn some heads back in 2015 when they decided to #OptOut of Black Friday. They encouraged their customers to enjoy nature instead of spending the day shopping. REI was able to build brand awareness despite not participating in the largest shopping day of the year by having a social media campaign where customers share their outdoor adventures with their hashtag. 

    3. Chobani

    It can be harder to come up with marketing ideas when you only have one product to work with compared to a whole catalog full. That doesn't stop Chobani from diversifying their social media pages. Despite only selling yogurt, they make sure to use bright, color photography to show different ways and recipes to use their greek yogurt. 

    4. TOMS

    TOMS has a buy one, donate one giving model. They showcase this by sharing the stories of the people their brand supports. TOMS used virtual reality to share what it is like to go on their giving trips. By tilting your phone or dragging the frame, you can see a 360-degree view of your surroundings. 

    5. GoPro

    GoPro's YouTube channel showcases just what you can do with their product. They post extreme sport and action videos on their channel that creates a community for GoPro users and encourages them to share their own unique experiences. 

    6. Patagonia

    Patagonia's Worn Wear campaign encourages customers to repair their damaged outdoor gear rather than buy new ones. They have a site where customers share their stories, there are how-to articles, and there is even a documentary. Even though you would expect a company to want more sales and encourage replacement of the damaged item, Patagonia instead promotes the environmental movement and brings more brand awareness to their company. 

    7. Chipotle

    I didn't expect Chipotle to come out with their own video game and that's exactly why it is a good non-traditional marketing campaign. Back in 2015, they created "Taste Invaders", an Atari-style online game that challenges players to shoot lasers from foil-wrapped burritos. Chipotle knows it's audience well and knew that the Millennial generation would eat this up.

    8. Spotify

    Spotify does a great job in personalizing their emails. They only send emails when the content is relevant to the reader. If you hate country music, you will be guaranteed never to see a country related email in your inbox. By leveraging the user's music interests, Spotify crafts emails that make the recipient feel like they're being rewarded for listening to what they love. 

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