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5 Ways Branding Affects Marketing in 2021: Set Yourself Apart From Competition

By Oh, Hello Branding Group on August, 7 2020
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    Branding is the backbone of marketing and business. Every type of business needs a uniquely designed brand, whether that be for startups, small businesses, established businesses, agencies or non profits. Without a solid and distinguishable brand, how will your customers remember you? Here are the top 5 ways branding affects your marketing strategy and when followed, set you apart from the other guys. 




    1. Minimize Marketing Pitfalls

    When your brand isn't cohesive, customers often get confused and immediately lose interest before taking the time to understand your business as a whole. If a brand is not established, other forms of media (print, digital, television and radio) will be overcomplicated and eventually, you'll be paying unnecessary increased expenses down the road. When you have a great logo, color scheme, and tag line, customers will recognize and search your business name to find all media related to your business. 

    2. Makes Your Brand Memorable

    By giving your customer an unforgettable first impression, you have fostered an emotional connection that they will hold onto when making purchasing decisions. Take a look at Nike. Nobody, and we mean nobody is forgetting "Just do it" or the infamous swoosh. Because of their expert branding techniques, their brand will be engraved in their consumer minds forever. 

    3. Creates Brand Loyalty

    Memorable companies keep their customers coming back for more. Like Nike, they have a strong customer loyalty due to their high brand recognition. Because your message reflects your mission as a business, customers won't even consider purchasing from your competitors in the future.


    4. Establishes Credibility

    Every customer wants to trust where they're making their purchase decisions. Yes your company may have strong values and credibility, but your potential customers may not see that without a strong branding strategy. Color choice, logo shape, font style, and tag lines can reflect to your customers who you are as a company. 

    5. Conveys Dedication to the Customer

    As a business, taking the time to create a trustworthy brand image will help keep your most loyal customers. Because your customers are putting forth the effort to remain loyal, your business must reciprocate. A uniquely designed brand can only take you so far. As a company, developing your relationship with your customer is just as important as their first impression with your brand.  


    Though branding cannot substitute good products or services, it can help your customers make purchasing decisions by getting that long lasting, emotional connection to your brand.


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