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5 Reasons why Promotional Products are Crucial for your Company

By Oh, Hello Branding Group on October, 11 2021
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    When it comes to promoting your business, creating promotional products should never be left out of your branding strategy. Although we are moving towards a more digital marketing space, physical promotional items are still a valuable tool to market your business.

    First, what is a promotional product? 

    A promotional product is any item you give out to promote your business. This item may have your brand name, logo, slogan, website or message on it. These might also be called "swag" or "freebies"!

    Here are five reasons why you should implement promotional items in your branding. 


    1. Strong Consumer Relationships


    Maintaining consumer relationships is a very important part of your overall brand strategy. Clients enjoy these promotional products because it forms a connection between the consumer and the brand which makes it feel personable. Customers are more likely to purchase from your brand as well as remember your brand name after receiving a free promotional product.  


    2. Useful Business Card

    There are endless options that promotional products can offer. Anything from a wearable item to creative office supplies. These differ from a business card because the item can be specifically tailored to your target audience. This shows that your company really cares about your consumers and will help build personal relationships. The goal is to give your clients products that linger, leaving them with the desire to work with you. 


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    3. Brand Recognition 

    It’s no secret that every brand wants to stand out in a crowd from its competitors. Sending previous, current or potential clients promotional items will increase brand reputation and recognition. These branded products will help with company exposure to a larger target audience. Overall, it will make consumers be able to recognize your brand easier since they will have the physical item to connect with your name or logo. 


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    4. Cost Effective

    Creating promotional products with your company’s logo and name will be a great investment. These products don’t have to break the bank and will most likely be seen by possible new customers. This turns into a form of marketing called word-of-mouth advertising. The same people are seeing the item repeatedly and new people are continuously coming into contact with the products. This is a personable yet cheap marketing tactic! 


    5. Generate Sales

    Lastly, promotional items can generate sales for your company. Since these items will most likely be passed on to new customers, this generates more leads and overall profit. Customers are more likely to visit your website, sign up for an email newsletter, or purchase something from a company that they have received promotional items from than a company without. 


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     Promotional products can help maintain consumer relationships, act as a creative business card, increase brand recognition, generate sales, and be very cost-effective. All of these reasons can stem from one another which is why promotional products can improve many aspects of your business. At Oh, Hello Branding Group we offer a wide range of promotional products. We would love to work with your upcoming promotional needs today! 


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