How to Write the Perfect Landing Page Headline

By Oh, Hello Branding Group on September, 6 2021
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    When it comes to landing pages, you’re always trying to direct as many people as you can to them. The headline is incredibly important when building the perfect landing page, not only for your customers but for SEO purposes as well.

    Three important rules to follow:
    1. Always prioritize message match

    First and foremost, you need to make sure the heading matches the campaign. If a visitor clicks on a link or ad, you want to make sure the landing page matches up with it. Customers should be able to tell they’re in the right place. Additionally, the landing page in general should be tailored to the specific campaign.


    1. It’s better to be clear than clever

    Being witty can be fun, but it doesn’t always make for a good headline. You need to make sure your headings use clear, easy to read language that won’t lead to website bounces. It’s been reported that straightforward headlines out performed their creative alternatives 88% of the time.


    1. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel

    You don’t need to come up with a completely original headline in order to get clicks and be effective. Study other headlines for inspiration. You should try to focus on at least one of these goals when crafting a headline:

    • Sell a benefit (or agitate a pain point)
    • Solve a problem
    • Hook your readers


    6 Landing Page Headline Formulas
    1. The How-to Headline

    This is one of the easiest headlines to write, in fact, it’s the title of this blog post! It’s an extremely effective way to communicate the purpose of your landing page. Try to think about what people are googling and adjust your headline so that your landing page shows up in the results page. A lot of people are searching “how-to” phrases so it can be very beneficial.


    2. The Agitator

    This strategy is all about highlighting a pain point and rubbing it in. Because sometimes your customers might not realize they need your solution until you remind them of a problem they are facing. It can help reignite a frustration which can lead to action for those closer to making a purchase.


    Examples of this include:

    • Tired of [X]? We can help
    • Don’t you hate [X]?
    • [X] is the worst!


    3. The Value Prop

    This is the opposite of the previous one, where you focus on the unique selling point and how it can add value. The main emphasis is on the benefit and solution. So instead of a headline like “Say goodbye to [X pain point]”, a more value-focused headline would be “Say hello to [X benefit’]”. Or simply, “Achieve [X,Y,Z]”.


    4. The Superlative

    This one is about making a bold statement. You don’t have to lie or pretend either, but just really focus in on the one thing you really are the best at. For example, “The world’s most versatile pants for work and play”. The key here is to be specific and niche.


    5. The Call to Action

    A strong call to action is always a good go-to for landing page headings. This is great for landing pages that need to inspire immediate action, like filling out a form to get a piece of gated content or registering for an event.


    6. The Special Offer

    If you’re offering a discount or running some sort of promotion, use it as your heading! The goal is to get people to click and using a special offer is a very effective way to get more clicks. Everyone loves a good deal.

    Can’t decide what formula is best for your landing page? Let us help! We’d love to connect with you and go over the right strategy for your campaign. Contact us here to get started!

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