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5 Creative Ways to Increase Your Sales For the Holiday Season

By Oh, Hello Branding Group on November, 12 2020
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    Oh, Hello Branding Group

    The holidays are always a fun time of year, but sometimes it can be stressful thinking about hitting those end of year sales goals. Here are 5 creative ways to increase your sales for the holiday season:


    1. Donate 1 Canned Good Per Review

    Customer reviews and testimonials are one of the most powerful ways to convince potential new clients, and the more the better! Create an email campaign to your current and past customers letting them know that for every new Google Review they give, your company will donate 1 canned good to a local canned food drive. 


    2. Seal the Deal with A Charity Donation

    When targeting a potential client, you could do some research to find a charity that they like, maybe one they have donated to in the past, or even just one that aligns with their business. Donate $10-$25 to that charity and send them a note that says, "We wanted to show you we care about more than just getting your business. When you work with us, we have a genuine interest in what your company is passionate about, within and outside of the business world. We've found your favorite charity, X, and donated $25 on your behalf. Set up a follow-up meeting with us and we'll donate another $25 in your name!" 


    This shows clients that you want to work with that you truly care about their business, their business' success, and their other passions. It makes your potential client feel special, and proves they are not just another business transaction to you.


    3. Partner with A Local Social Cause

    Starbucks has partnered with (RED) on World AIDS Day for the past 13 years, and the company has contributed more than $14 million to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. It's not necessary to execute this on that same level, but finding a cause that is important in your local community and maybe donating a small % per order would attract customers who have a similar interest in that cause and want to support the community. This is mutually beneficial, so it could even turn into a long term partnership and help you increase your sales for years to come!


    4. Match A Purchase

    Bombas socks, famously shown on Shark Tank, donates a pair of socks to a homeless shelter for every pair that is purchased. It has donated over 35 million pairs to over 1,700 giving partners in the US! When the company first introduced this idea to investors on the show Shark Tank, they were hesitant at the idea of giving so many products away for free. However, the company has become a global success, reaching over $100 million in revenue in 2018. When customers buy your product, they feel good knowing they contributed to a good cause and many will make a repeat purchase. 


    5. Get Creative

    There's no room for dull ideas in 2020. This year has thrown unprecedented challenges towards many businesses, and in order to remain competitive, you have to get creative. Let's say you're trying to finally close a drawn out sale with a potential client, and they need a little more convincing. Maybe you just need a little more time with them to get them to fully understand your value. You could set up a meeting with the client, and say, for every minute they stay on the call or video meeting with you, listening to your pitch, you'll donate $1 to the charity of their choice. If they were uneasy about the sale before, they have a pretty convincing reason to at least hear the rest of your pitch and address any pushback. And even in the event that they have zero interest in closing the sale, by the end of the call, (which will be at least 30-60 minutes to get a decent donation), you will have had plenty of time to explain how your business can be an asset to theirs. 


    With these 5 ideas, you can drive your sales, support your clients, and support a good cause, all at the same time.


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