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How Emojis Have Taken Marketing to the Next Level

By Oh, Hello Branding Group on July, 17 2021
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    Oh, Hello Branding Group

    It's National Emoji Day, July 17th! Emojis are more than just funny faces you text to your friends, they can be used in your marketing efforts as well. Emojis can increase engagement, make your brand more relatable, add context to your messaging, and appeal to the emotion of your audience.

    Emojis personalize your marketing

    With marketing, you should be targeting a specific audience. That’s why we create buyer personas. Since you are targeting a specific target audience, the campaigns should be personalized to them. Emojis can help with that.

    Emojis are familiar images, so people typically tend to react positively to them. They also make marketing seem less formal and more lighthearted. People are used to and have come to expect marketing with automation and data-based marketing that are impersonal. Emojis can add a personal touch to your marketing that make it memorable and unique.

    Emojis increase consumer engagement

    According to a recent study, using an emoji in a tweet can increase engagement by 25% compared to messages without an emoji. Similarly, using emojis in Facebook posts increase shares by 33% and interactions by 57%. Emojis can boost a call to action, grab users attention, and allows you to engage back with your customers in a friendly way.

    Emojis aren’t just great for social media. Push notifications that have emojis in them can get up to 85% more opens and 9% more conversions compared to text-only notifications. No matter the cannel you’re using, adding the right emoji can boost engagement and lead to a higher conversion rate.

    Emojis build deeper relationships

    Did you know that brands have increased their emoji use in marketing by 777% since 2015? Emojis have shifted to something just teens use to something that leverages emotional content. Emojis humanize your content which builds trust, makes customers feel more comfortable, and increases engagement.

    They also give a larger vocabulary for customers to use to express their feelings. This allows businesses to understand what content is working and what is not. Incorporating emojis into customer feedback can help you translate consumer interactions.

    Emojis add context to your content

    Similar to how adding an exclamation point can change the tone of your message, an emoji can also convey emotions that text alone cannot. Although they can’t replace good copy, the two can work together and add more depth to your words.

    Especially on platforms where there are limited character counts like Twitter or email subject lines, they add extra context without taking extra words.

    Celebrate World Emoji Day with us by commenting your favorite emoji down below! Also, check out our Shiny vs. Sticky Social Media Guide to make sure your social media copy is just as strong as your emoji game😜


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