5 Valentine's Day Cards for the Digital Marketer in Your Life

By Oh, Hello Branding Group on February, 8 2022
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    Happy Valentine's Day! If you don’t yet have a card for the digital marketer in your life, these downloadable and sharable puns have got your back.

    1. If I were search engine, I'd rank you #1

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    Speaking of search engines, check out this blog on Blogs and SEO to learn how you can rank higher in the search engine results. 


    2. Have you implemented an inbound marketing strategy? Because I'm attracted to you

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    Not sure what inbound marketing is? Download our campaign guide to learn all about how to run an inbound marketing campaign. 

    3. I couldn't help but notice that when our eyes met, we had a 100% click rate 

    958056_OHBG Valentines Day Instagram_03_012821

    Download Card Your email click rate is important, learn what other numbers are important by downloading our free ebook: 6 Marketing Metrics Your Boss Actually Cares About.

    4. What do you say we opt out of here and bounce like a bad email?

    958056_OHBG Valentines Day Instagram_04_012821

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    Read our blog post about marketing automation tools, including some email marketing tools so no one will opt out of your emails in the future.

    5. Baby, you're right in my target demographic

    958056_OHBG Valentines Day Instagram_05_012821

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    Download our buyer persona ebook (with templates included!) to ensure you are segmenting your target market effectively. 

    ❤️ Happy Valentine's Day from Oh, Hello Branding Group

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