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How to Craft the Perfect Email Subject Line to Increase Your Open Rates

By Oh, Hello Branding Group on December, 13 2021
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    When crafting the perfect email subject line, you must be simple and straight to the point. Think about how many emails you receive a day — probably more than you would like to. The likelihood that a person opens each email they receive is very small, so crafting an email subject line that will grab your reader's attention is arguably the most important part of the email creation process.

    Whether it’s for an important campaign, selling a new line of products, or just giving your viewers valuable information, your subject line determines whether or not someone will open your email.

    When creating your subject line, there are a few important things to take into consideration. Keep reading to find out the crucial steps you should take to increase your email open rates!

    Identify The Purpose


    The first important step is to identify the purpose of your email. It is crucial to determine your main call-to-action (CTA) when crafting your subject line. This is what your viewers will gain when they open that email. Let the audience know the benefit while making sure it is easy to understand. Viewers don’t want to be confused about what the email is about. They want to know exactly what is inside and what their main benefit will be. Otherwise, your email may not catch people's attention, which will result in no increase in your overall open rate. 



    Questions to think about when creating subject lines:


    Are your viewers receiving something FREE? 


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    Discount: Do You Want 30% Off Your Next Purchase? 

    Raffle: Do You Want to Win a FREE Dermatology Consultation?


    Are your viewers gaining valuable information?


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    Blog: Have you Read our Recent Blog Post about Marketing Trends?


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    Is your audience getting informational content and something for free? (The best of both worlds!)


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    Having an incentive really draws readers in. Every email you produce should have something valuable for the viewer to gain.


    Keep it Short and Sweet


    The next important thing to focus on is the length of your subject line. If your email subject lines are too long, they will get cut off from the viewer, which decreases the open rate. When creating your subject line, try to identify which words are most important and delete the rest. This may be tricky, but just remember, the goal is to get the audience to open your email, so whatever isn't important to get your point across, cut it out! 

    We recommend you use around 9 words or 60 characters. This gives all users on all devices an easy reading experience. 

    Reminder: Once your viewer opens your email, they will gain all the information inside. So, don't stress about not including every single word! Keep it short and catchy.


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    If your emails aren’t getting opened, then they most likely aren't engaging with your audience in the way you're attempting. By using these important tips, we hope you can now create attention-grabbing email subject lines to increase your open rates. 


    If you’re having trouble keeping up with email marketing trends, don’t worry. We’re here to help. Contact us to see how we can help make sure you have a killer email marketing strategy for 2022!



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