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How to Use Instagram Reels to Market Your Business

By Oh, Hello Branding Group on August, 18 2020
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    Earlier this month, Instagram released a new feature on their app; Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels are essentially a copycat of TikTok with short videos and fun effects.


    Although it seems like nothing can stop TikTok, I would like to remind you about how Instagram stories came to be. Back in 2016, Instagram launched their stories feature which was a direct copycat of Snapchat stories. While users were hesitant at first, it eventually caught on and now Instagram stories are widely popular. Now, Snapchat is being used less and less. It’s unclear if Instagram Reels are going to be as successful as stories but it’s definitely something your business should look into as a way to promote itself.


    6 Ways You Can Use Instagram Reels in Your Marketing Strategy:


    Showcase Products


    Instagram Reels give you an opportunity to show off your products in a fun and different way. Using music, effects, and fun editing you can raise awareness for your brand without it seeming forced or commercialized.


    Reels aren’t just shown to your followers, there is an entire explore page dedicated to Instagram Reels so people who aren’t already following you can see your product Reels too.


    Here is an example of the brand Jonak showing off some of the shoes they sell:




    Educational Content


    Creating educational Reels are another way to show off your products without making it all about your products. You can take existing content that you already have and turn it into an Instagram Reel. A lot of blog posts can easily be turned into Instagram Reels.


    For example, if you sell a food product you can showcase different recipes using your product. If you sell a clothing item, you can show different outfit ideas or different ways to style a piece of clothing. If you sell a skincare product you show your skincare routine. You can give tips, a how-to video, or do a Q&A.


    In this Reel by Dunkin' Donuts, they show how to make a smoothie using one of their coffees:

    Behind the Scenes


    Showcasing behind the scenes content helps build a relationship between the company and the customer. It gives customers an inside look into what actually goes into the product or service which shows transparency and builds trust.


    You can do behind the scenes content by showing how the product is made, who works for the company, a “day in the life” video, interviews, or a tour of the office.


    In this Reel, the Los Angeles Chargers show behind the scenes of a recent photoshoot with Mike Williams:


    Product Reviews


    Instagram Reels give you a more interesting way to show off your good product reviews. With the music, effects, stickers, and countdown timer features you can create an entertaining video while also making your business look good.


    You can also use user-generated content to make your product reviews, showcasing videos and pictures that customers send you.


    Your Company Story


    Instagram Reels can give you the opportunity to share your brand story in an entertaining way. You can essentially recreate your "about us" page or simply tell the story of how the business came to be.


    Using old pictures and music, you can create a video customers will want to watch to learn more about the business. It will make the brand seem more personable and relatable.




    Another way you can Instagram Reels is by using influencers to promote your product and raise brand awareness. This can be done both by the influencers posting their own Reel or by your company posting a Reel with an influencer in it.


    Check out this Reel from Hollister Co. featuring Charli and Dixie D'Amelio:


    If you wanted to see what the hype of TikTok was about without having to make a new account to manage, Instagram Reels gives you the opportunity to experiment with videos within it's own platform. 


    Especially if you are looking into targeting Generation Z, you might want to give Instagram Reels a try. 

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