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The Importance of Performing a Marketing Audit in 2021

By Oh, Hello Branding Group on January, 4 2021
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    Performing a marketing audit is crucial to ensure the success of any company. It is a strategic examination of a business's marketing strategies, goals, and activities to easily identify key issues and areas for improvement. We have a free Marketing Audit ready for your download here:

    The Ultimate Marketing Questionnaire

    Performing a marketing audit can help you:

    • Increase your new customers and leads
    • Increase customer retention
    • Increase conversion rate
    • Increase transactions
    • Increase sales frequency
    • & more!

    Our marketing audit is not just focused on marketing strategies, but your lead strategy as a whole, and asks questions such as:

    • Are you utilizing beneficiary relationships with other businesses?
    • Could you host any informational or collaborative events?
    • How are you educating your clients so they benefit from the maximum value of your product?
    • How many times per year do you touch base with your clients, and are they meaningful touch bases or could they be improved?

    These are just a few of the many questions included in our audit. A marketing audit will allow you to think about all of the 4P's in the marketing mix (Product, Price, Promotion, and Place) and how you can create an effective strategy that combines all 4 P's. If you'd like to learn more specifics about each of the 4P's and how to incorporate them into an overarching marketing strategy, check out our blog post: The Marketing Mix and How to Develop the Right Strategy


    Once you've conducted your marketing audit, what now? If you've found through your audit that you have an excess of marketing offers on your website (such as eBooks, infographics, etc.) but you could really use some innovative ways to use social media to market, check out our blog posts:

    Or, if you're a social media whiz and you need some new inbound strategies, check these blog posts out:

    Or do you need to reach a new audience, but aren't quite sure how? Check out these blog posts:

    And if you want to take your marketing audit one step further, you can run a content audit! Here is exactly how: How to Use A Content Audit to Improve Your Marketing Strategy.


    If you're finding all of this information overwhelming, it's not just you! Having a comprehensive, effective marketing strategy is a lot of work with a lot of different components that have to work well together. If you'd like to have an Inbound Specialist go over your marketing audit with you or discuss any of the strategies listed above, request a free consultation here:


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